What is a cataract and how is it treated?

Cataracts occur when the lenses become cloudy, impairing clear vision and causing glare. Sadly, cataracts cannot self-resolve. Cataract Surgery requires a small incision to break up and remove the hardened lens tissue safely. After removing the damaged lens, the surgeon will implant a replacement lens to restore visual function and acuity. Read more

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Our skilled cataract surgeon employ cutting-edge technology for assessing and treating cataracts. With advanced imaging and diagnostic tools in our office, along with a state-of-the-art surgical suite, our surgeons excel in managing complex cataract cases and achieving excellent outcomes. Using our all-laser, ORA guided, 3-D cataract surgery, we consistently deliver swift and effective treatments with reduced recovery times and complications. Our surgeons have consistently been recognized as “Best Of Fayetteville” for their exceptional care and treatment results. To consult with a trusted and experienced cataract surgeon, schedule an appointment with a Carolina Vision Center provider today.

Carolina Vision Center Cataract Surgeons are your local cataract surgery experts!

Modern Cataract Treatment Options

Recent advancements in cataract treatment have significantly improved within the past decade. Technological innovations have made it easier than ever to achieve excellent visual outcomes while addressing cataracts. Previously, cataract patients had limited options with monofocal implantable lenses, which only corrected vision at one distance. Although the monofocal lens is still available, it falls short in correcting the full range of vision.

Fortunately, technological progress now allows patients to benefit from multifocal and light accommodating lens implants, which correct vision at near, far, and intermediate distances. While results may vary, many of our patients who have chosen these Advanced Technology Lenses have completely eliminated their need for glasses. If you have been diagnosed with developing cataracts, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with our experts to explore the options for preserving your lifelong vision.

Your local cataract surgeon will provide guidance on the lens type that best suits your unique lifestyle requirements and vision goals.

If you are seeking an experienced cataract surgeon in the Fayetteville Area, you’ll be delighted to know that Carolina Vision Center can assist you in achieving your optimal vision goals.

Carolina Vision Center is a comprehensive ophthalmology practice serving the Fayetteville, Clinton, Elizabethtown, Raeford, and Southern Pines regions. Our board-certified doctors have successfully performed numerous life-changing vision corrections and possess cutting-edge technology for superior outcomes.

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