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BlephEx® Treatment from Your Fayetteville Ophthalmologist

Patients who suffer from blepharitis — an eyelid inflammation — or dry eye disease have good reason to be excited about the newest type of treatment.  The procedure uses a device called BlephEx and is available from a Fayetteville ophthalmologist at our Carolina Vision Center.  We offer a second convenient location in Clinton, NC.

Do You Suffer from Dry Eyes?

Blepharitis is sometimes very difficult to treat.  When oil and bacteria accumulate on the edge of eyelashes, residue known as biofilm builds up and can cause inflammation and infection.  The patient experiences swollen eyelids that might also itch and prove painful.  Patients who visit our ophthalmology practice with dry eye disease probably suffer from late-stage blepharitis.

They are likely to have these symptoms:

  • Light sensitivity
  • Blurred vision
  • Stinging
  • Burning
  • Excessive watering

A number of factors can cause dryness.  Some of the common ones include:

  • Allergies
  • Insufficient blinking while looking at computer screens
  • Cosmetic surgery on eyelids
  • Certain medications
  • Refractive surgery
  • Vitamin deficiency

Early treatment by a doctor to remove biofilm is necessary to avoid problems with how tear ducts function.

How Our Ophthalmology Practice Uses BlephEx

Patients with ocular dryness typically spend hundreds of dollars every year on home scrubs, artificial tears, humidity goggles, and prescription drops their eye doctor recommends to bring relief.  Receiving BlephEx treatment at our ophthalmology practice can eliminate those costs.

This is a painless procedure performed in our office.  The handpiece contains a surgical-grade sponge that systematically and precisely spins along the edge of each eyelid and along the eyelash line.  The equipment removes microfilm that has accumulated and debris that resembles dandruff as it exfoliates the eyelids.  Doctors saturate the sponge with a special solution that enhances cleaning.

Each tiny sponge is disposable.  Our practice uses a fresh one for each eyelid, after which we rinse the patient’s eyes.  Most patients report only a sensation of tickling.  Many individuals report quick relief from the discomfort associated with dryness and blepharitis thanks to improved eyelid health.

This procedure offers notable benefits beyond merely cleaning eyelids:

  • Gentle removal of biofilm and toxins that cause inflammation and infection
  • Prevention of recurring dryness symptoms when used every four to six months
  • Convenient therapy lasting 15 minutes or less in the office
  • Comfortable treatment that leaves patients able to blink without their eyes feeling sticky
  • Financial savings from that elimination of over-the-counter and prescription products

Schedule an Appointment with Our Fayetteville Ophthalmologist

Treatment from an ophthalmologist can free you from needless suffering from eye discomfort.  Dr. Michael Woodcock and his associates are here to help you improve your vision, whether you need to discuss glaucoma or cataract treatment or have concerns about diabetes.  We are proud of the personalized and individualized attention we provide for all our patients. Take a moment to call us at Carolina Vision Center today at 910-485-3937 to schedule an appointment at our Fayetteville office or 910-592-2122 to if you prefer our convenient Clinton location.

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