If you are searching for ophthalmology services in Fayetteville and Clinton we are here to help. At the Carolina Vision Center we offer comprehensive eye care solutions including eye surgery, eye exams, and the treatment of eye diseases. Find out how you can benefit from professional care by your Fayetteville ophthalmologist.

What Is an Ophthalmologist?

An ophthalmologist is board certified and licensed to provide eye surgery and other eye care specialties. By choosing an ophthalmology center for your vision needs you receive the most comprehensive care under one roof.

Your eye doctor at the Carolina Vision Center is ready to help you through all stages of your vision care needs. In developing a patient relationship with an ophthalmologist you also benefit from having an eye doctor who can easily detect when something is wrong with your eyes or vision. Through early detection and routine eye care you have the best opportunity for optimal eye health.

What Does My Ophthalmologist in Fayetteville Offer in Terms of Eye Services?

As your ophthalmologist in Fayetteville the Carolina Vision Center we use a variety of eye exams and tests to detect and diagnose eye diseases and vision issues. Patients who suffer from dry eye, corneal disorders, and vitreoretinal disorders including floaters, retinal tears, and eye cancer find treatment here.

We provide services to treat diseases and eye problems that include LASIK, PRK (photorefractive keratectomy), glaucoma treatment, and cataract surgery. We also work with patients who have medical conditions affecting their eye health, such as diabetes. Our goal is to give you every resource possible to ensure the health and wellness of your eyes.

What Types of Eye Surgery is Available at the Carolina Vision Center in Clinton?

If you are looking for an eye surgery provider in Clinton and Fayetteville, we can help you here at the Carolina Vision Center. We offer a variety of eye surgery procedures including cataract surgery, Vision Implantable Content Lens (ICL), and laser eye surgery. Additionally we assist patients thorough post-surgery care and long term vision management.

Meet Your Ophthalmology Provider in Fayetteville

As your ophthalmology provider in Clinton and Fayetteville the Carolina Vision Center provides total eye care services. Whether you are looking for an eye doctor to provide routine eye exams or you need eye surgery we can help. Contact your ophthalmologist today to schedule your appointment.

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