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LuMaye Lasik Procedure in Fayetteville NCCarolina Vision Center had the pleasure of working with Q98 FM DJ and personality Jen LuMaye! We performed bladeless LASIK on her eyes, and her results were outstanding! Following the procedure, Jenn’s vision was 20/15.

“Dr. Woodcock and his staff are amazing!” Jenn says. “Change your vision and change your life!”

Yul Lasik Procedure Fayetteville NCYul Kwon won a million dollars on the hit reality show Survivor: Cook Islands, and he chose Dr. Woodcock to perform his LASIK laser vision correction.

“There is no one in the country I would have trusted more than Dr. Woodcock,” Yul said.

“The procedure was painless and very quick and the next morning when I got up I could see. Now I can’t stop reading. It suprised me to see the small letters on Dr. Woodcock’s appointment cards. Thanks CVC.”

Real World Portland star Jessica McCain chose Dr. Woodcock to do her LASIK procedure!

“At first I was nervous about the procedure but as soon as I met with the staff at Carolina Vision Center my worries melted away. Everyone at Carolina Vision Center is so kind and helpful, the facility is clean, quiet and all around a warm, comfortable environment. Waking up the next morning and being able to see is like a magnificent miracle from God! The procedure was quick, painless, and overall a pleasant experience. I can not thank Dr. Woodcock and his associates any more, they’re the best!!”

“I have suffered from a strong astigmatism for a very long time. I thought I would be dependent upon glasses & contacts for the rest of my life. Don’t get me wrong I am grateful for being able to see with corrective lenses but at times it was almost more of a hassle. I enjoy the outdoors, hunting and riding jet skis are my favorite. However wearing glasses while looking through a scope on a crossbow and contacts in the water don’t mix very well. Lasik was the only way for me to wake up & see the alarm clock without reaching for glasses. At first I was really nervous & anxious all at the same time. The staff at Carolina Vision Center made me feel so comfortable & knowledgeable about the entire procedure. Dr. DaVinci himself, or should I say Dr. Woodcock sculpted my eyes back to perfection, along with the help of his amazing staff. I didn’t feel any pain $ was seeing the alarm clock by morning. I want to truly thank Dr. Woodcock & the staff at Carolina Vision Center for giving me back my sight. You have no idea how much this truly blesses my life.”

– Alisha, Carolina Vision Center bladeless Z-LASIK recipient
“At first I was nervous, but on the day of my LASIK surgery, Dr. Woodcock and his refractive team were very professional and made me feel comfortable every step of the way. The actual surgery lasted about 3 minutes, was painless and the downtime was virtually minimal. I would like to encourage anyone who is considering having the procedure to move forward with it and live life with a new-found clear vision. LASIK has completely changed my life – I can see perfect day or night. If you are considering LASIK surgery, Dr. Woodcock and his refractive team are the best and you will certainly never regret having the procedure done.”

– Damesha, Carolina Vision Center bladeless Z-LASIK recipient

“The procedure was fast and painless. The results seemed immediate, and there was a great increase in my vision the following day. Everyone was extremely professional and polite, and I would recommend this procedure to anyone wishing for better vision. The cost is effective compared to the price of glasses.”

– Eleanore, Carolina Vision Center bladeless Monovision Z-LASIK recipient

“This procedure was amazing. To put it simply enough, there was no pain and no irritation, and so far, post-op has been wonderful. I am incredibly pleased with the results. I recommend this new bladeless procedure to anyone who is tired of contacts or glasses. In two words, I can describe the procedure and results: simply amazing.”

– Jason, Carolina Vision Center bladeless Z-LASIK recipient


“Awesome! The results were immediate. I wish this was available years ago. I would do it again in a heartbeat, and I would encourage others to do the same if other options are not available.”

– Heather, Carolina Vision Center Visian ICL recipient 


“The staff is wonderful with the eler patients. I have observed the staff’s patience and more importantly. allowing the elders to keep their dignity. By far, the staff in this facility is the bes I’ve observed in a very long time. Keep up the good work. Keep up the professionalism!”

– Les, Carolina Vision Center cataract lens replacement recipient

“I need no reading or other glasses.  Let me tell you, it’s GREAT! My experience with CVC was woderful and I would recommend them to anyone who needs cataract or LASIK surgery performed.”

– Joe, Carolina Vision Center Premium Lens recipient

“I’m a big ECU football fan. The first game after surgery I took my binoculars to get a better view of the players, and my reading glasses to help me with the program. I was absolutely amazed when I didn’t need either! I could see everything, and with such great detail. I would choose the Premium IOL 100 times over again. You’d be crazy not to get this lens. Spectacle freedom is truly a blessing. Miracles are all around us, and this new technology is one of them!”

“First, the staff at Carolina Vision Center were and are extremely friendly and helpful to answer any question that I had. Dr. Woodcock took the time to answer all my questions also and was very friendly and personable. Dr. Woodcock performed my second cataract surgery and also a LASIK enhancement on a previous cataract surgery by another physician and I am extremely pleased with all results so far. I would definitely recommend CVC for anyone looking to enhance their vision.”— Melissa, Carolina Vision Center Premium Implantable Lens recipient

“I sold my fishing boat in order to upgrade to the Premium IOL. It was well worth every penny and I’ll be more than happy to fish off the bank in exchange for this youthful vision! I’m very pleased with Dr. Woodcock and the care I received at Carolina Vision Center. I’d recommend them to anyone!”

– James, Carolina Vision Center Premium Implantable Lens recipient

“The surgery went so fast and easy without ANY PAIN! I was not put to sleep, I talked to Dr. Woodcock all through surgery. I was ready to go home before I had time to be scared. Now I can read my newspaper without glasses. Thanks to Dr. Woodcock and all his staff. They are all so kind and friendly. I would recommend Dr. Woodcock and laser surgery to anyone who needs it. I am so happy with my eye surgery.”

– Ernest, Carolina Vision Center Premium Implantable Lens recipient

“I am well pleased with how fast I was seen at Carolina Vision Center for my initial appointment, I did not have a long wait time. The staff really put me at ease and they were fully competent! My surgery was at 6:30 AM and I left by 9:30 AM. When I went outside I immediately could tell my vision has improved. The staff at Carolina Vision walked me through the entire process and I am very impressed with the over all experience I had! During my surgery I felt no pain at all, I experienced mild pressure but that was all. I would definitely recommend Carolina Vision Center to my family and friends! I am very pleased with Dr Woodcock and his staff!”

– Rick, Carolina Vision Center Bladefree ORA recipient


“Happy Sight and Light! Dr. Woodcock and staff have given their patients tremendous care, kindness, thoughtfulness, and help.”

Joan R.

“Dr. Woodcock and his staff were excellent. They were very professional and caring. Thank you for an eye-opening experience!”

– Michael A.

“From walking into the office, through the procedure, and to the follow-up, it was like being with friends.”

– Alicia B.

“Not only did you give me better vision, but you also helped me get a pair of wings. You granted my wish of being a pilot in the Air Force. Thanks for helping me reach my dreams!”

– Richard S.

“As nervous as I was when I had my cataract evaluation appointment on Friday. Each person that I encountered took the time to make me comfortable, never acted rushed or impatient and, without exception, greeted me with a smile and pleasant demeanor. All of those qualities speak well of your mission statement, your commitment to the patients and your stellar professional standing. I know that I am in good hands and any apprehension I feel is greatly alleviated.”

– Mary O.