Benefits of BlephEx Treatment

Your Fayetteville and Raleigh Eye Doctor Offers BlephEx for Treating Dry Eye

BlephEx for Treating Dry Eye

BlephEx is an ophthalmology device that eliminates blepharitis, an eyelid infection causing swollen, itchy and painful eyelids when bacteria and oil accumulate along the edge of the eyelashes. Because BlephEx is named after blepharitis, many people don’t know that Blephex also treats dry eye disease. If you are suffering symptoms of dry eye–burning, stinging, light sensitivity, blurry vision and excessively watery eyes—your Clinton and Fayetteville ophthalmologist recommends scheduling an appointment at Carolina Vision Center for an examination and possible treatment with BlephEx.

How Does BlephEx Work?

Developed in 2013 by a board-certified ophthalmologist, BlephEx is an in-office treatment meant to remove debris, biofilm and scurf (dandruff) from eyelids. Since the specific area where the eyelashes meet the edge of the eyelids never gets properly cleaned, untouched bacteria may create an irritating biofilm that worsens as we age. People who wear contacts are especially vulnerable to suffering blepharitis and/or dry eye syndrome because contacts, as foreign bodies inserted in the eye, naturally attract bacteria and debris

During a BlephEx procedure, your Clinton eye doctor will glide the BlephEx handpiece along your lash line. This small device is equipped with a surgical-grade micro-sponge that spins gently against your eyelid. Saturated with a special scrub solution, the sponge effectively removes biofilm, bacteria and dandruff responsible for inflammatory infections and dry eye. By significantly improving eyelid health, people experience rapid relief from the burning, itching and stinging of dry eyes and blepharitis.

What is Dry Eye Blepharitis Syndrome?

Ophthalmology researchers used to think dry eye disease and blepharitis were two different eye disorders. After investigating these two diseases more deeply, they now think dry eye is actually late-stage blepharitis. The proposed new term for chronic dry eyes is DEBS, or dry eye blepharitis syndrome, which develops as bacteria accumulate on eyelids and become inflammatory biofilm. Unless removed with BlephEx treatment, this biofilm thickens throughout a person’s life as bacteria growth increases and impedes tear gland functioning. Ophthalmologists urge people have their dry eye symptoms treated as early as possible by the electromechanical debridement technology offered by BlephEx.

Benefits of BlephEx Treatment

In addition to keeping your eyelids healthy and clean, BlephEx also:

  • Gently and quickly removes excess bacterial toxins and biofilms primarily responsible for dry eyes and eyelid inflammation
  • Prevents recurring symptoms of dry eyes with regular treatment (every four to six months is recommended for people suffering chronic dry eyes and/or blepharitis
  • Is completed within 15 minutes in your Fayetteville ophthalmologist office
  • Is a comfortable, painless procedure
  • Potentially saves you hundreds of dollars spent on over-the-counter and prescription eye drops

If you suspect you are suffering dry eye disease, please call Carolina Vision Center NC today to schedule an appointment with a Clinton eye doctor: 910-485-3937.

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