ORA™ VerifEye+ ™ Custom Cataract Surgery

Your Eyes Are Unique!

You have chosen to have your cataracts removed and your vision restored at one of the finest surgical centers. Your surgeon, Dr. Michael Woodcock uses a variety of advanced technologies that can enhance the accuracy of your vision correction and even reduce the chances of you needing eyeglasses after your recovery.

One innovative technology utilized is called ORA VerifEye Custom Cataract Surgery, or ORA VerifEye for short.  This uses a state-of-the-art device that is unique in its ability to provide Dr. Woodcock an unprecedented new level of valuable information about your eye—during your cataract surgery—which is exactly when it is needed the most. When Precision Vision is included as part of your procedure, you’ll have the confidence of knowing the most advanced technology available has been used to help ensure you receive the best vision results possible.

What is ORA VerifEye?

ORA VerifEye is like a GPS for your surgeon.  It provides real time measurements of your eye when it matters MOST—during surgery.  After the cloudy, cataract lens is removed from your eye, your surgeon can easily take a more precise measurement which was not possible when the cataract was there.

ORA VerifEye’s advanced technology analyzes your entire eye and gives your surgeon specific information used to optimize decision making when choosing what strength and type of new lens to implant. Prior to ORA VerifEye, both patient and surgeon had to wait weeks to determine the accuracy of surgical results.  Now, that information is available ON DEMAND.

Why ORA VerifEye?

“I recommend every patient have this technology as part of their vision correction.  It is a mistake not to insist on ORA VerifEye when having cataract surgery,” states Dr. Michael Woodcock.

The benefits of ORA VerifEye:

  • You are more likely to achieve better results and better vision.
  • ORA VerifEye provides your surgeon with greater confidence that you will achieve the vision goal you want and expect.
  • Better control or elimination of astigmatism.  When uncorrected, astigmatism causes blurry or double vision.  Astigmatism also increases the cost of glasses.
  • ORA VerifEye gives you the best chance for a perfect procedure.
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