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Raleigh, North Carolina is filled with history. It was in 1792 when Raleigh was created to be North Carolina’s seat of government. To fully appreciate this city, it is important to understand and learn the history of this great city.

It is in this city where lies a diverse composition of people, that love of freedom, that gritty work ethic, that esteem for education and that common-sense approach to economic development combined to create the robust environment in which North Carolina’s capital city today thrives.

This wonderfully diverse city is also where you can find Carolina Vision Center.

Carolina Vision Center

Carolina Vision Center is your resource for ophthalmology and family eye care in Fayetteville, Clinton and surrounding areas. We provide you and your loved ones of all ages with comprehensive eye care services. Implementing a safe, comfortable space to optimize your eye health is our main goal. Contact us today to receive the highest standard of care!